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Dear Roland Kannappel (kasoba)

Finally summer ... at least for us and at least for a few hours.

We used the wet and cold weeks and – after CELUM created the possibility to integrate plug-ins into the NOVA UI – already made the first extensions NOVA-ready. More to follow upon request.

And because many CELUM PowerUser have already asked for it, we will use the NOVA UI wherever possible in the next trainings – in German and English.

Sunny greetings and happy vacations, or welcome back
Roland Kannappel, CEO

P.S: News from our other business units will follow again in August



Use the flexibility of brix:anura - independent of the platform

In addition to the seamless integration of multimedia data into a website, brix:anura can also be used as an asset picker in an independent system. Benefit from the full range of functions - including various search options such as facet search and full-text search.

brix:anura is already in use with the following systems:


CELUM NOVA ready Extensions

We get our plug-ins ready for CELUM NOVA UI. You will find a reference to NOVA compatibility in the respective technical documentation.

The following extensions are already available for NOVA today::

Which extension would you like to use with NOVA UI?

We will gladly consider your wishes.


Who is Who - We introduce ourselves!

From the last introduction of one of our long-time brixians, we now come to our newest member of the brix family.

Aline Baumgartner

Aline Baumgartner

Executive Assistant

Since July 1, Aline is responsible for the brix back office and replaces Vero in the function as Executive Assistant. As Roland's new right hand she takes over a whole range of administrative tasks and supports the team leaders in various projects. We have already had the pleasure of using her help on a selective basis for some customer orders and are now looking forward to her permanent employment as a brixian.

Aline is an extremely affable person who is willing to take on new adventures. Outside of brix, she is a passionate freelance artist in the field of comic illustrations and drawings. She has a big heart for animals and regularly takes care of a foster horse in her spare time.

We wish Aline a good start.


CELUM Extensions in the category Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is one of the top topics, especially in the age of digital transformation. With our range of attractive AI extensions, you too can increase your productivity when working in CELUM ContentHub. For this purpose, we use the excellent functions of the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.

Use «MS Azure Face Recognition» for AI-powered face recognition to automatically detect faces in an image and identify people from your corporate repository.

Automatically tag your images in CELUM ContentHub with the «MS Azure Autotagger». This categorizes your assets for optimal search.

So that you can also use your own taxonomy, the extension «MS Azure Custom Tags» is available.

Get rid of expensive translation services and let the «Auto Translate» extension automatically translate the information fields of your assets or nodes on the CELUM ContentHub.


brix Academy

PowerUser training with NOVA UI

August 19, 2021 - German
September 16, 2021 - English

08:30 am - 12:00 pm

Administrator training «Basics»

August 19, 2021 - German September 16, 2021 - English

01:00 pm - 05:00 pm


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